Coffee Mug Warmer for Desk Auto

Size:  Gray


Color Black
Brand Xukeib
Product Dimensions 5.2"L x 5"W x 1.2"H
Number of Trays 1

  • 【Maintain The Perfect Temperature Of Coffee】The XUKEIB coffee mug warmer features a traditional mechanical rotary button. By simply turning the button, you can choose the ideal coffee temperature between 100°F to 150°F, ensuring that every sip you take throughout the winter is at the perfect temperature. It's a remarkable coffee temperature keeper, preventing you from wasting any more cold coffee.
  • 【Safe Release Candle Scent】 This large electric jar warmer gently heats your favorite scented wax, allowing it to melt slightly and release its delightful aroma. You can enjoy the wonderful scent of your favorite candles without worrying about flames or open fires. The wax melts at a slower rate in the jar warmer compared to a flame, but it releases the same fragrance without producing any carbon dioxide after burning.
  • 【Automatic Shut-Off】Forget about accidentally leaving the warmer on. Our coffee mug warmer has an 8-hour automatic shut-off feature. Additionally, it includes an indicator ring that displays the working status of the warmer through its brightness.
  • 【Safety Is The Priority】--A:UL1026 certified, 52 inches long wire;B:Coffee heater is made of fireproof material;C: Cup heater waterproof level of IP44;D:8 hours automatic shutdown.; E: The LED indicator around the heating plate will light up when heating. Do not touch the heating plate!!!
  • 【A Warm Gift For Chilly Winters】 You can gift this XUKEIB coffee mug warmer to your parents or colleagues, allowing them to enjoy warm coffee throughout the winter. It's also perfect for children, as they can safely enjoy candle aromas in their bedrooms without any open flames. It's a practical and thoughtful gift for the winter season.


Please note that the warmer is designed to keep beverage warm not boil. This mug warmer is capable of keeping your hot beverages warm enough for drinking when you used a flat-bottomed mug, please do not expect it to heat your cold beverages to scorching hot in a short time.